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Music for Spiritual Awakening

Entheo's Newest Ambient Music

Beyond Oblivion, Entheo's latest ambient release, features celestial guitar riffs layered with deep an rich harmonic pads. This is refined intentional ambient music to relax your mind and body so you can focus on being your best self today and every day.

Entheo's Newest Electronic Music

Rise Like the Sun


Following up Involution with their second EDM release comes an album 4 years in the making. Living through the loss of a best friend and the birth of their son, this album contains life, death and rebirth, bringing a sound that is as big and lively as it is soft and vibey. This album also showcases Entheo's first lyrical EDM releases to date and hints at what is coming future.
Like all of Entheo's music, this album is to inspire spiritual awakening and opening to love, truth and beauty.

We dare you, put a track on, take 5 minutes and and just dance!

Be free, be YOU, and share that with the world.
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